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Do you want to sell an old catalytic converter in Cowbridge or South Glamorgan? J.W.B Recycling Ltd can offer a fair price. Contact us now.

Sell your catalytic converter for a fair price

Is your catalytic converter too old and beyond repairs? No matter what condition your catalytic converter is in, we can give you an excellent price for it! Wherever you are in the UK, we'll purchase your scrap converter and recycle it. Our staff have a wealth of experience in the metal recycling business. The recycle value of the catalytic converter depends on its size and its precious metal content, if any. Get in touch with our professionals for more information.
Catalytic converter recycling specialist

Why should you choose us?

  • Expert advice
  • Prompt payment
  • Price offered will be that of a current converter
  • Catalytic converter recycling specialist
  • Pickup in case of many converters
Scrap catalytic converter

Scrap catalytic converter recycling

We're a specialist in recycling catalytic converters and circuit boards. We buy any make or model of catalytic converters, irrespective of its condition. This may include the converter of both cars as well as commercial vehicles. We also recycle precious metals and PC equipment and parts.
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Bring your catalytic converter to the recycling experts in Cowbridge and get a high catalytic converter scrap value. Call J.W.B Recycling Ltd in South Glamorgan now on
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